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President's Message สารจากประธานสมาคม

PresidentEveryone knows about Domestic Violence. It is in the news everywhere and emphasised by both our Prime Minister and the Premier of NSW.

Now violence against any partner, male or female, is inexcusable under any circumstances. Australian born residents who are violated in this way have access to all the social support necessary although frequently not acted upon, for shame, sake of the children, financial and many other reasons. But they can if they want to.

However, there is one group severely disadvantaged in our Country and City. These are foreign women invited and sponsored by less than optimal Australian National males and then locked up, abused, phones and passports confiscated and then subject to the most horrific violence. They have no recourse to social services because they simply cannot leave their abode, they have little English skills, and they have no idea of their rights nor whom to contact.

Thai women in this predicament are particularly disadvantaged in that the sponsor usually houses them in an area well away from Thai community contact and discourages their improving English language skills.

This is an Australian problem and not the fault of any foreign power, that is why I personally and my committee have given so much volunteer time assisting this shameful anomaly in our society, yet despite government publicity there is little funding nor assistance.

I plead with the readers of this message to assist us with a tax-deductable donation, no matter how small.

Dr Wilbur Hughes
President of Thai Welfare Association